Baudelaire in Bolo


Baudelaire in Bolo connects objects of Bos & Lommer (Bolo) like dish-antennas, balconies and ‘De Kolenkit’ with themes of the nineteenth century French poet Baudelaire. There was for instance a Canta covered with dark confetti and laughing-gas chargers underneath.

Street Litter


“I agree with Zygmunt Bauman that because we are not able to slowdown the enormous speed of change, let alone determine its direction, we concentrate ourselves on the things we can influence: like the smoke of other people’s cigarettes, too much sunlight or unprotected sex. On my part you can also include the general allergy for street litter.”

Eggs for money


Eggs for money was a commedia dell’arte public performance in the historic centre of Dordrecht about a series of recent attacks on modern sculptures in the public space of Dordrecht. It was written and directed by Hans van den Ban, played by theatre group Toendra and presented by Ted Housemacher. With music of Ed Palermo and local musicians. Poster and sets by Gijs Frieling.

Piramide of IJmuiden


The Pyramid of IJmuiden was an exhibition in 2010 in RC de Ruimte in IJmuiden with work of artists, amateurs, residents and decision makers about the future of IJmuiden. The curators were Joop Stoop and Hans van den Ban. The motto of the exhibition was I hear a new World, a song of John Meek, three years before he would produce the world hit Telstar.



In the exhibition Superlatief, curated by Hans van den Ban, artists reacted to elements of popular culture, like kickboxing, drinking and brewing beer, pimping cars, tifo-art and demolitioncar-racing. Fighting Solves Everything.

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