The Pyramid of IJmuiden was an exhibition in 2010 in RC de Ruimte in IJmuiden with work of artists, amateurs, residents and decision makers about the future of IJmuiden. The curators were Joop Stoop and Hans van den Ban. The motto of the exhibition was I hear a new World, a song of John Meek, three years before he would produce the world hit Telstar.

In 1963 the new football club of IJmuiden was named Telstar, the communication satellite that was launched that year and that marked an era of infinite optimism about the future. The Pyramid of IJmuiden looked back to that period and asked questions about our future now.

The exhibition was composed of work of artists that lived or had lived in IJmuiden or had a special relation to the town, like for example Sigurdur Gudmundsen, Kaleb de Groot, Joop Stoop, Wim T. Schippers, Hannes Wallraven  and the amateur painters Martine and Louise Fokkens.

Martine and Louise Fokkens

Sigurdur  Gudmundsen

Joop Stoop

Artists like Tilmann-Meyer Faje, Saskia Janssen, Arno Coenen, Spencer Finch, David Lindburg, Mark Rupert, Boris Telligen (Delta), Didier Trenet, PJ Bruiniks, Rufus, Boaz and Hans van den Ban exhibited art about Telstar and the future of IJmuiden.

Tilmann-Meyer Faje

Didier Trenet

Saskia Jansen

Candle pyramids made by homeless people in cooperation with Saskia Janssen

Rufus van den Ban

Sister Cities, pyramid and painting of Joop Stoop

Boaz van den Ban

Space trash of Mark Rupert and David Lindburg

 Wouter Osterholt, Elke Uitentuis and Charley Reuvers focussed on the past and the rebuilding of IJmuiden after the war.

Charley Reuvers

Marianne Theunissen published a photographic novel in the local newspaper.

Artist and clairvoyant Jeanette van Raaij organised a healing ritual for the energetic wounds of IJmuiden.

Dick Verdult “El Desmasiado” presented the program of the opening and played with his Cumbia band from Argentine.


Jan van den Dobbelsteen en Danielle Lemaire

The IJmuiden opera company Bel Canto sang Telstar

From IJmuiden, as the top of a pyramid of sister cities, artists and residents all over the world were contacted with questions about the future of our planet.

Piramide of Ijmuiden Introduction


New York

Spencer Finch




During the exhibition a colloquium was organised in which academic geographer Rob Gastelaars presented a number of scenarios for the future of IJmuiden. Rob Hendriks of Daad-architects focussed on new types of accommodation for elderly people. Anoud Olie van B+O Architects told about urban renewal.

In the public space of IJmuiden slab cars were exposed of e.g. Simcha Roodenburg, Yasser Ballemans, Esther Jiskoot, Ton Zwerver and Mattijs Bredewold.

Simcha Roodenburg

Yasser Ballemans

Ton Zwerver