Fix 13, 2007. coloured silver wrapping paper

At the opening of the exhibition Before Property at Noordkaap in Dordrecht we covered the street in front of the gallery with coloured silver paper, normally used for wrapping chocolate mice and frogs. Glued on the pavement traffic slowly drove the work to pieces producing durable litter that for weeks got blown throughout the city.

“I agree with Zygmunt Bauman that because we are not able to slowdown the enormous speed of change, let alone determine its direction, we concentrate ourselves on the things we can influence: like the smoke of other people’s cigarettes, too much sunlight or unprotected sex. On my part you can also include the general allergy for street litter.”

On the opening night of Redux a man covered with burdocks danced and drank a beer in the crowded bar of the exhibition space. The floor in de gallery was covered with burdocks too. They got stuck to the pants and coats of many visitors that would carry the burdocks out into the city.

Burdockman, 2006. burdocks, beer bottle

Handheld Exhibition, 2009. photograph

Gate, 2012. burdocks, mattresses

Ashtray Heart

Smoking Pole, 2013. cardboard, smoking machine

Roma, 2018, plastic

No Security, 2015. nylon